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Reasons for seeing a psychotherapist are as varied as people themselves, but one common thread is the desire to be in a "better place." Sometimes, an external event—a difficult relationship, a recent (or not-so-recent) loss, a new environment—may be the motivation.

Just Contemplating Therapy?

It's not unusual to be reluctant to contact a therapist for the first time. It probably seems scary. But it doesn't have to be. Here are some common issues people have:

  • If I see a therapist, it means I'm weak. If you think about it, of course, it means just the opposite. The path of least resistance would be to not come. Taking charge of your life takes a bit more courage.
  • There's a societal stigma about being in therapy. There's some truth to that, but much less so than you might think. Many people who reveal to their friends that they're in therapy are surprised to learn how many of their friends have also been to a therapist. As far as telling your mother, we'll leave that for next session...
  • I don't want to get locked into seeing a therapist I don't like. Sometimes there's just not a match. You should feel comfortable telling a therapist that you're still looking around to find a therapist with whom you're comfortable. That's a normal part of the process. (On the other hand, remember that some discomfort along the way is a good thing—breaking eggs to make that omelette.)

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